The best humidors are the ones that can preserve a cigar. These humidors can keep the cigar fresh and ready for smoking for years. Unfortunately, most humidors find themselves gathering dust, just waiting to be thrown out the next time people do their spring cleaning. Even the best humidors need to be properly maintained.

Cigar Humidor Care

Buying another cigar humidor does not change the problem. If a humidor is not taken care of, it will end up just like the first one, rotting away on some shelf. People need to change their attitude towards their humidors. They need to understand just how important a humidor is to preserving the quality of their precious cigars.

The reason that humidors are important comes down to how cigars are made. They are made from tobacco, which is grown in various places around the world. A number of cigars come from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Indonesia and most notably Cuba – these cigars are some of the best tasting ones in existence. The reason for that is that the weather in these countries is incredibly conducive for fine cigars. They have the right kind of humidity, the kind that keeps the cigars nice and moist. However, the change in climate when these items are shipping between countries can drastically reduce their quality. They require a nice and controlled environment to stay moist, and tasty.

Humidor Construction

This is when people start looking for the best humidors. A humidor is traditionally made from Spanish Cedar, the kind of wood that can preserve the humidity inside it. This humidor allows the cigar to stay in the right kind of environment, allowing it to keep its flavor.

Using the best humidors can be difficult the first time. Most people make the mistake of putting their cigars inside the moment they buy the humidor. Cigar humidors do not have the right kind or levels of humidity inside when they are bought. They need to be prepared. They need to have their humidity set to ideal levels.

Humidor Humidification

Every single humidor has a humidifier. Without that humidifier, it would be impossible to control the humidity levels inside the box. Maintaining the humidity in the humidor is a matter of squirting humidification solution or distilled water into it every month. The exact amount differs from humidor to humidor. Most people suggest adding water once a month, but it depends largely on how frequently the humidor is used.

The best humidors have a hygrometer inside to tell people how humid it is inside. It will inform users if the right humidity levels are being maintained. The thing with cigars is that it takes time for them to mature, the way it takes wine time to mature. It is best to keep the humidor at seventy degrees Fahrenheit. A good humidor would have both a humidifier and a hygrometer.

Humidor Maintenance

Maintaining the best humidors is as easy as keeping them away from directly sunlight. It is also about keeping it clear of objects. Do not place objects on top of them. It is best to clean it regularly to keep it clean and to keep it clear of infestations. Following these instructions will result in healthy, tasty cigars and a well-loved humidor.


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