There are a number of high profile cigar product placements in movies and television. Whether this is a deliberate, paid listing, or a character development that is done by the actor, writer or director, these appearances are both entertaining and noteworthy for cigar afficionados. Feel free to add your favorite cigar movie role below.

Independence Day. Will Smith’s character lights up toward the end of the movie both as a final goodbye and a victory celebration.

Scarface. The Cigar appears almost as much as the cursing.

The Sopranos. What’s the Mafia without a cigar?

American Psycho.  Post killing cigars are about as common as post coital cigars.

High Planes Drifter. Clint Eastwood.  Nuff Said.

Crimson Tide.  Gene Hackman and his billowing cloud of smoke.

Desperado.  Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas, smoke blown into someone’s mouth leads to a comedic coughing scene.

The Simpsons.  Homer Simpson lights up in a few memorable episodes.

The A-Team.  Hannibal Smith and the cigar that is ever present in most every scene.  (“I love it when a plan comes together”).

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