Fewer than 60 million Americans currently smoke cigarettes (23.9%); almost 8.7 million people are regular smokeless tobacco (dip, chew, snuff) users (3.5%); close to 1.9 million Americans smoke tobacco from a pipe (7.6%); 13.1 million smoked cigars (5.2%).  So what makes someone a cigar man (or lady)?  If a man chooses to use tobacco, what sets him apart as a cigar man?

The Cigar Man is still in

Among the different tobacco use vehicles, the cigar is associated with prestige, luxury, style, and bravado.  A cigar man is manliness.  While the cigarette man has been marginalized by the current anti-tobacco campaigns that depict a cigarette man as a cancer patient rather than a cowboy, the cigar man maintains his glamorous persona.

Long gone are the days where the cigarette man was a cool, smooth, rebellious, debonair playboy.  Alternatively, whether the man is a cattle ranging Backwoodsman or a yacht sailing Cohiba man, the cigar man image remains intact.

Smokeless tobacco has some manly qualities, but the spitting involved causes some image problems.  A pipe man is less definable as there are many versions of the pipe man from grandpa, to hippie.

Cigar Man Qualities

So what defines a cigar man?  A cigar man should be first and foremost knowledgeable.  No novice should claim to be a cigar man.  Really it is wise for an aspiring cigar man to wait to even call himself a cigar smoker until he has gained a knowledge, experience and understanding of cigars.


Cigars are intricate and complex, and a cigar man should appreciate this.  A cigar man should be dedicated.  A cigar man should smoke at least once a week to maintain his palate and stay dedicated to the hobby.  A cigar man should respect his cigar.  This means that the man should have all the proper cigar storage devices such as a humidor, and any cigar cases needed to transport cigars.

He should also carry a lighter and cutter whenever he has a cigar on him.  A cigar man should always look presentable when he is smoking in public.  A cigar man should be an ambassador.  A cigar man is nothing without his fellow cigar man, so the cigar man should always be recruiting and mentoring a new cigar man.  The community of the cigar man should always be growing.

Do these characteristics fit you?  Then you are a cigar man.  If they don’t, get to work.

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