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The verdict is out for Nat Sherman’s Timeless Dominican’s hints of espresso, Aladino 1961’s hints of vanilla and cinnamon, and Tom Brady’s hints of impending NFL defeat in the Super Bowl. Colibri V Cutter’s effect on burn is also examined, as well as Yeti 32-oz tumbler’s new laser-etched initials and and Bombay Cigar’s smoking-hot Twitter game which are perfect for an exciting Dominican Republic road trip.

Listen to the podcast here:

Aladino 1961, Yeti, Bombay, And The Colibri V Cutter

I’m hanging out here at Cigars & More with Harris and Sean.

What’s going on? How are you doing?

Just enjoying the nice weather here. It’s like in the 50s, sunny clear.

I’m having a “I have taken over the world” day for the most part.

You’re feeling that good?

The roofers are at my house putting a new roof on it, which is nice. In the last year, I will have added a new air conditioner unit and now a new roof, which means hopefully, no major expenses for a while. On top of that, I’ve put in the request at work for twelve of my vacation days. Four or five of them are for IPCPR in July and the rest of them, my wife’s cousin is having a destination wedding in Marathon, Florida. They’re in the Keys. We thought, while we’re down there, we’re already going to be at Miami International, why don’t we out honeymoon the newlyweds. We haven’t completely settled on a resort and a room category yet, but we’re going to the Dominican Republic and we haven’t been there before. We talked about maybe going back to Jamaica or something like that, but we decided we wanted to go somewhere new.

You know what you should do while you’re down there, you need to take an excursion to some cigar factories.

We should. Look for some other sponsor or whoever.

It might be a couple of hours from wherever you are.

José Blanco has opened his doors. Go there.

He’d probably give you the tour himself.

Is he going to come pick me up?

He might.

I don’t plan on having a car. I plan on having a lot of rum and Tequila.

It sounded like he was pretty open. If you’re down there, I’ll bet you, he would open up the doors and really make you feel welcome.

I want to touch base with him and see if that’s something we can do.

I think you should. You tell me it’s 50. It’s 35, but it is getting warmer here. It is a perfect cigar smoking weather for me and so I will be partaking. What are you smoking in the office now?

I’m smoking something that we don’t have the store yet, but it is the Aladino 1961 by Julio R. Eiroa. It is one of the brands under the CLE family of brands Fabricas Unidas.

Is that Christian Eiroa’s dad?

It is his father. The Aladino Series are his blends, his creations that they released this past year at the IPCPR. They’re now starting to show up in the last couple of months. This cigar has a very unique taste to me. The first few puffs were fantastic. It had strong vanilla and cinnamon hints to me. If you listen to the podcast, I don’t normally say stuff like that all the time. It’s great start. I didn’t know what to expect. It’s the first ones of these I’ve smoked and it’s off to a great start. Medium body, super smooth. It has a very unique taste. I liked it.

I’m surprised by it. I didn’t have any expectations.

You usually don’t use descriptions like that because you don’t want to sound like the guys from Conehead. No blueberry muffin and lemon chiffon in this one? Buttered batter maple syrup pancakes is one of the descriptions. I’m like, “What the fuck is that?” What are you smoking?

I’m smoking something that I should have smoked a long time ago. You introduced me to the Nat Sherman Timeless Collection. Now, rather than smoking the Nicaraguan, which I’ve smoked about a thousand of, I did locate the Dominican in Harris’ humidor and it’s the same price point. It’s about $8, maybe $9 after tax. I’m smoking the Dominican and I’m smoking a Churchill. I started smoking before Harris got here because I don’t have all day to smoke it, but I’m going to smoke as much of it as I can. It’s mellower of the Nicaraguan. It still has some of the same flavor notes because it is still a boutique cigar. It’s a little muted but very pleasant. I’m getting espresso off of it. It’s a medium strength but a fuller body. It’s not boring at all.

Yes, I love it. I had one maybe four or five days ago. I busted out the Dominican and I love it. I’ve always got one or two sitting in the humidor. It is definitely one of my favorites as well.

This is the second time I’ve smoked this week. The first one was another Nicaraguan. It was the 556 and it was the first one in a while that I’d had that I didn’t have burn issues out of. I lit it once and smoked it all the way down to the nub.

I’ve been dieting really hard because I’m sick of being fat. I’m tired of it. We’ve got a conference coming up in Philadelphia and I refuse to be 260 pounds. I’m going to get down to 225. I’ve been watching what I eat and a couple of days ago, I lit up that AVO LE 80. It was freaking awesome and I nubbed it. However, about five to ten minutes after, I felt like I was going to hurl my guts up. I’m talking sweats. I’m like, “Kath, I’m getting sick right now.” She’s like, “Really?” I’m like, “I’m telling you right now, I’m sick. I’m going to be sick for a couple of days.” Then all of a sudden, maybe an hour later I felt okay.

You just had a cigar hangover.

The nicotine sweats.

CCP 33 | Aladino 1961 Cigar
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Aladino 1961 Cigar: It’s one thing to drink six shots of Tequila and feel nice and buzzed. It is an entirely different thing to have a nicotine buzz.

I wonder if it was the cigar. I talked to Harris about eating on an empty stomach. I feel like my stomach’s always empty right now. I wanted to test the theory. I had the Leaf Connecticut, which I would say is a solid medium. It wasn’t as bad, but I only smoked about half of it because I’m like, “It’s one thing to drink six shots of Tequila and feel nice and buzzed. It is an entirely different thing to have a nicotine buzz.”

There have been a couple cigars. The Rocky Patel Super Ligero that I’ve smoked here and I have gone back to work thinking, “I don’t need to participate in this meeting.”

I shouldn’t, unless someone who has a barf bag with them.

Pretty much every time we do the show, we’re smoking cigars. I always pick up a cheeseburger or something on the way. You have something before it because I’ll get sick every time if I hadn’t eaten.

I warm up my palate with a stop at the drive-thru at Taco Bell every week.

I don’t know how you’d do it. My daughter loves Taco Bell. I went with her probably a year ago. Back in the day, I would have a six pack of hard shells with sour cream and a Mexican pizza.

I work in a very populated part of town. Harris’ shop isn’t a very populated area of town, but there are literally three drive-thrus between my office and the shop.

Chipotle does not have a drive-thru, which is a shame. Chipotle is my life. I’ve got an Arby’s, I have a Taco Bell and what’s the third one?


Is there a Chick-Fil-A?


You’re on another side of the area?

Arby’s a solid, too.

Burger King.

There’s a Hardee’s that has the red burrito inside and no one needs that.

Taco Bell, the last time I had it, it did some bad things to my GI. It’s not a good experience for me. I haven’t had it since.

I ate for $7 a day.

That’s good. That’s really good. Those are the new ones coming in. What else is coming in stock? What are you seeing going out the door? I wanted to ask you before you answer that. On Twitter, I have seen a ton of our Twitter crew smoking Bombays. Lane, you know that that crew goes through some different cigars than we normally smoke.

They have a cigar every Sunday, too, where they all sit down and, via social media, smoke the same cigar and discuss it, too. We should make it a point to participate in that sometimes.

They went through the Ezra Zion and I’ve heard nothing about Ezra Zion for the last four or five months. Now it’s Bombay. What were the ones that you smoked? The Emerald, what was that?

The 1502 Black Gold.

Do you stock Bombay cigars?

I’ve been watching that on Twitter, too. A lot of people talk about it that we follow. I have never tried those. I have honestly never seen that brand at the trade shows or anywhere around. We have to dig into that one and research those a little bit. I don’t know much about them.

I don’t know if Bombay is a reference to India. I have to look into that. I went on their website and it doesn’t reference India on there. Maybe the owner is Indian. I don’t know, but I wanted to see if you had tasted them because they are always mentioning them. Anytime I see enough people jump in, I want to give it a shot.

CCP 33 | Aladino 1961 Cigar
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Aladino 1961 Cigar: I wanted to see if you had tasted them because they are always mentioning them. Anytime I see enough people jump in, I want to give it a shot.

If they’re in the audience out there, the Bombay guys, send us some samples to try.

They have a really beautiful band. Some of the My Father’s are gorgeous, but these bands are special. It’s a piece of artwork on it and I wonder if it smokes as nice as the band looks.

It looks like it would be a good one.

Did you watch any football this weekend?

I did not watch the Broncos dismantle the Patriots.

It wasn’t much of a dismantling.

I did see that Tom Brady got beat.

That, he did do. That is the worst ass-kicking I have seen anyone put on him in the years that he’s been in the NFL. They hit him 20 times in that game. He was getting his shit kicked all over the place.

I am pleased to see the Panthers in it, too.

Me, too.

I hated Cam Newton in college because I’m a Bama fan and that’s what we do. As a pro player, he is polarizing, he’s exciting, he’s nice to kids. There’s nothing not to like unless he’s beating your team.

I was having a cigar talking to my dad about Cam Newton and my dad says, “I put him right up there with Johnny Manziel.” I said, “You got to reframe it. You can’t do that.” He goes, “Why not?” I go, “You’re talking about a guy who was brash out of college, had an outstanding rookie season, had people telling him that he couldn’t do it. That he’d be Vince Young and all those negative things that come with being a mobile quarterback.” He had a horrible sophomore season. He works on his game, becomes a pass first quarterback, and then grows from there. That man has worked on his game and he is now a pass first quarterback that can beat your ass with his legs. I don’t see it that way. He’s a testament to perseverance and he’s good to kids. Does he dab? Do I love that? Not really.

Who doesn’t celebrate NFL?

It’d be too boring if they didn’t.

I’m not a big NFL fan, but I watch football because it’s football. If the Cowboys were on top, I wouldn’t be an NFL fan but they’re not. I have to cope with that and so I watch what’s out there and Cam Newton is fun to watch.

I’m an Auburn Fan and always loved Cam Newton. The great thing, too, if you watch interviews with him that he’ll even say, “I’m the poster child for second chances. I’ve screwed up, made a lot of mistakes and I’m really grateful that somebody gave me a second chance,” with going to Auburn.

Jameis Winston, if he keeps his nose clean for two years, I’m in. I thought he was a great prospect. I couldn’t stand the kid, though. That’s what bothers me. It’s the same reason why I didn’t like Johnny Manziel, but if he remains the same guy that he is right now, I’ll be a fan. You got to give me a couple of years without stealing stuff from a store or assaulting someone.

The problem with Jameis Winston here is that he’s local. He grew up here.

Birmingham area. He’s from a little suburb called Hueytown here and he was not recruited by Alabama or Auburn because he couldn’t keep his nose clean. He’s always been a troublemaker. He went to college and he was a lot of a troublemaker. Nobody here with the exception of probably some guys that played football with him really liked him. His dad was also a big football player here in the area. He and his family situation and everything is a known issue here. I don’t know anybody from Birmingham who is a big Jameis Winston fan. I’m sure they’re out there, but I don’t know who they are.

I never was either. I didn’t think his stats were very good, especially his senior year or his sophomore year. He spent two years in college. His stats sucked. They were nowhere near the top. Marcus Mariota far outshined him as a player that year. I never believed the hype other than he won a national title as a freshman. It’s going to be fun weekend and a fun Super Bowl. I like Ron Rivera and he’s got Chicago ties. I liked him here. It sucked when he left. Lovie Smith drove him out of town. That’s pretty common knowledge. I’ve got mixed emotions. I like to see the new regime because they are fun. They remind me of the Seahawks from a couple years ago and then you’ve got the old guard with Peyton Manning. I would like to see Peyton Manning win another one to cement his place in football history. I don’t have a dog in the fight.

For me, I normally watch Super Bowl. I’m not a huge NFL fan but I don’t care that much. I feel like this is one of the first years in a while that I am excited to watch it because Peyton Manning, he’s one of the players that I follow and like a lot. Then Cam Newton on the other side. For me, I’m excited about it. I’m not sure who I want to win.

As an Alabama fan, I have to decide who I want to lose more than I have to decide who I want to win.

I hate Tennessee more than I hate Auburn.

I’ve got a book that hate that Tennessee hatred.

I cannot cheer for that. As a Cowboys fan, I can’t cheer for the Auburn or Manning either.

Your hatred goes deeper.

I do not have a short memory.

You Southerners have some deep-seated shit down there. I grew up in a White Sox part of town. I was a South-sider. Everyone was a Sox fan and I have friends talk literally that if the Cubs lost every single game of the year, they would be thrilled by that. The Chicago Cubs this year with their new acquisitions are the best team in baseball, and they wouldn’t love for nothing more than it to blow up on itself and then suck.

You heard my friend, Bobby, on Facebook posting that video where he said if Auburn was playing against the Westboro Baptist Church, he would show up with a rainbow sign that said, “God hates his guts.”

The Green Bay Packers, Miami Hurricanes, Florida State, that’s about it for my intense hatred of college and pro teams. I don’t like Green Bay. I was certainly thankful that they lost. That was so much fun for me. I loved it.

When Aaron Rodgers threw that touchdown there at the end of the game and tied it and it was going to go down over time. I was sitting there going, “We’re about to see Aaron Rodgers do his discount double check.”

A miserable day that would’ve been. You talked about going to the IPCPR. What’s the deal? When is that?

July 24th through 28th. It’s a Sunday through a Thursday. I ended up asking off about the Friday, too.

It will be in Las Vegas at The Sands Expo Center that’s connected to the Venetian and the Palazzo.

If you need encouragement to decide to go, Sean, you should go ahead and Google Venetian pool.

I’ve been there. It’s a great place to stay and to be. I love it. I stayed at Caesar’s, Venetian, The Rio couple times, but the Venetian is a great place to be.

I’ll ask my wife if she wanted to go to Vegas while I was there, and she said, “You’re going to be drinking Tequila with Nish Patel. I don’t want to put up with your drunk ass.” I told her to go Google the Venetian Pool and she changed her mind immediately.

I don’t know if I could get my wife to go there with me. I would like her to. Are they walking around smoking in the building?

CCP 33 | Aladino 1961 Cigar
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Aladino 1961 Cigar: On the Trade Show floor, it gets a little smoke-y. In the casino, it’s unbelievable. They change the air out so fast.

They are but they have probably the best ventilation system in the world at the Venetian.

You don’t even smell it. On the Trade Show floor, it gets a little smoke-y. In the casino, it’s unbelievable. They change the air out so fast.

They pump oxygen in those places, so it’s in and out. I’m wondering if she would enjoy me being me where I’m glad handing with you guys and again, she likes that I smoke cigars, but it’d be different if she was partying there. I don’t know if she would enjoy it or not.

What we need to do is we need to have you be there for the show, too, and we need your wife and my wife to connect and go do spa time together and whatever makes them happy while I’m drinking Tequila Nish Patel.

Don’t get me wrong, she loves the Venetian shops and the Forum shops. She could do some serious damage there.

Maybe another reason to not bring her.

She’s so not that way that I had no problem with her going and spending whatever she needed to spend. What else is coming up? Is everyone holding off on releasing new stuff? What have you heard? How about that company that left, the one that was there at the IPCPR last year but didn’t have a cigar to smoke and they had some serious buzz? What was the name of that company and what are their cigars?

That was Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust. That’s the name of it. Sobremesa is their first release. They have, in the last couple months, started shipping those. That’s not the one we have in right now in our stores. We decided to give it a little bit of time and see how they go. They’ve had little issues with them, but overall, the cigars had been very well received. I haven’t heard a lot of buzz lately, but it’s still a brand that everybody’s looking at it and excited about.

You guys decided not to bring any in?

In our store, in the last year, with things like that and have generally held off for maybe six months or so maybe until the second release just to make sure it’s going to get traction. We got burned on a few things. That one, there’s probably no doubt will do well, Steve Saka being behind it. He’s like the mad scientist of the cigar industry. Everything he does works.

Speaking of things that you have had in stock but can’t keep in stock. I have asked you twice for a Mundial and you have not had them. Are they selling the shit out of those things or what?

It’s a lower production cigar. They’ve got probably only a couple of guys rolling those. A lot of times towards the end of the year, the cigar companies are getting their inventories down, going into a little slower time of year, beginning of the year. I’m sure they will be available soon.

I’m excited because I’ve heard really good things about it. You have both smoked them. Along the lines of other interesting things that are new to the store, that are new but not really new, we got the new Colibri V Cutters in. They came in and so heavy duty, well-made V cutter that is probably the deepest v-cut of anything I’ve seen out there. It’s a huge v-cut. It works great. I’ve tried it on a few cigars and it’s a much deeper and wider v-cut.

How is this in comparison to the Xikar V?

It’s a little bit deeper and a little bit wider. I love the Xikar one also, but this one is a little bit different. A little bit bigger v-cut, especially on a big cigar. It’s really nice. They’re only $39, too. They’re a great price.

How was the draw in comparison to a straight cut? If I’ve got to work at a cigar, I will toss that sucker out. The straight cut always gives me the most open draw and the V cut, how does that compare? Is it a little more closed in it than a straight?

I think a lot depends on which v-cutter you are using for one thing.

A lot depends on exactly what the toll of the cigar is. A lot of times when you start talking about something with a flat foot, they burn fine with v-cut. If you start talking about a Perfecto, you are lighting a very narrow channel. I’ve had problems with V cutters with those.

It’s tight draw until you can get it to open up. I probably generally avoid it on Torpedoes. You can do it with the Torpedo, but it’s not easy.

You have to keep doing it, chipping off a little more at a time.

Just to get it open up enough. To me, the v-cutter, at least the ones I’ve tried out lately, it hasn’t affected the draw much to me. It’s about the same to me as a regular guillotine cutter.

The place where I see the difference is if you have a cigar that tends to have burn issues and you v-cut it. It will magnify those burn issues. The straight cut tends to burn more evenly.

You’re taking air from a smaller diameter and you’re not getting the same draw throughout the entire cigar, so you’re not getting the air around. It makes sense to me.

Are you an evil cigar scientist?

I don’t think anyone would describe me as evil. I am getting a care package in the next couple of days. I took you up on it. I have an AVO Syncro in there for myself. I’m going to enjoy it and I’ve got Eiroa 20 Years. You did have those in stock right, Harris?


He’s got them in multiple vitolas. Three of the sizes are in.

That’s all three that are out right now.

I very carefully considered another one of those before I grabbed the Dominican.

I sent you the 6 x 46, which is the best one of the three.

That’s the one last month, too, isn’t it? The Toro?

What’s the profile on the 20 Years? Tell me. What’s its deal as far as its flavor profile?

I’ve heard a lot of people compare it to the Padron Anniversary, medium to full body, but pretty smooth. It’s a stronger cigar. It’s got a lot of good really smooth flavors in it.

You have the CLE Signature, right?


The nose on it is completely different from everything else that Eiroa has done. It’s way more complex. The CLE The First 20 Years reminded me of that. You mentioned the Padron. I know that we’ve all smoked Opus X at this point and those cigars have very distinct aromas that accompany the flavor profile and The First 20 Years is similar to that.

That’s good. I’m hoarding a couple. I’ve got The My Father 2015 that I want to put a little more age on, but I’m looking forward to that one. I know that both of you smoked that one, too.

Are you talking about the Le Bijou? The limited. I’ve had both of them. The one in the box.

That’s right. It did come with a box.

They took it out. It did. It came in the little box. Is it a great cigar?

It was a really good cigar.

Very, very good. I thought it was better than the Le Bijou.

CCP 33 | Aladino 1961 Cigar
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Aladino 1961 Cigar: It was woody. It was a little spicy. It was complex. It was a really pleasant cigar, The 2015 Limited Edition.

I always like their limited release every year.

I thought it was way better than last year’s supposed Cigar Aficionado Number 1. It was woody. It was a little spicy. It was complex. It was a really pleasant cigar, The2015 Limited Edition.

What was it the 2K?

The Connecticut H-2K.

The H-2K-CT or something like that and I wasn’t a fan. Maybe it’s one of those ones that needs to be aged a little more. I had an IPCPR sample from you and probably my least favorite My Father cigar that I’ve smoked. I’m not a fan of it at all. I’d smoke another one if I had a chance, but they loved it and it goes to show you how different our flavor profiles are because I was not a fan.

That was the Centurion H2K Connecticut. That’s the official name. I did like that one more than the original Centurion release, which I was not a big fan of. I would agree. For what they make, as many good things as they make, it was pretty average for them.

That could be part of it is because I love My Father cigars. I’m a big fan of them. When something comes out that I’m like, “Uh,” it’s probably magnified by how good the other stuff is.

They set the bar pretty high. High expectations on their release.

What else? Your wife’s expecting in a week. That’s big news. Three those little sons of guns running around.

Three, yes.

How old is the oldest?


You’re going to have three under the age of four to zero.

Enjoy that.

Yeah, I’m excited and scared about it. I remember that the beginning part is so hard. The first few months of no sleep. I’ve gotten to a point where the older two sleeps pretty well. I get up a little bit but nothing bad. It’s hard to think about starting that process the whole over again.

Maybe you’ll get the luck of the draw when it’s sleeping its first night all the way through in the next three, four weeks.

I have some friends that happened, too. I have not had that experience yet.

Did you surround your child that?

You say a taser?

Yes. Do you have to keep a taser around for your kid for that?

You know what you do, you just throw. You to give them an extension cord to play with. They’re fine. My son slept okay but he has colic. My daughter was fine until she was two and then she turned into a witch. For about two years she was really little son of a gun. My son Quinn, once he got to nine months old, he was fine. He was perfect. No problems. They’re all different and that’s the beauty of it and the curse of it. They’re so different.

I’m trying to enjoy the experience.

How old are you now?

My birthday is coming up also. Right after the baby born a couple days after, I’ll be 35.

You’re the same age as I was when I had Keegan. There is something to be said about having them younger. When you have a younger, you don’t know what you miss when you have them a little older. You’re like, “Shit.” I remember those days when I could do whatever the hell I wanted. Go to the Dominican Republic and go to Key West and go to wherever else you wanted to go to.

It’s interesting that you bring that up. Do you ever chastise your guy friends who have decided not to have children? Say it’s selfish or I wish I could go travel whenever I wanted to, but I have responsibilities.

No, I don’t. When we first got married, I didn’t want kids. I grew into the role. I don’t let my friends that don’t have kids comment on parenting when they don’t have kids.

That’s fair.

I’ll slap the shit out of their peek-a-boo.

My wife gets unsolicited advice and condescension and anything else that you could possibly think of from other women on at least a weekly basis. “Just wait until you have children.” “I’m not going to have children.” The responses range from, “It’s not okay due to religious reasons that you’ve elected to use some form of birth control,” or something like that to, “She is selfish” to, “I wish I could go shopping whenever I wanted.”

Is this on social media?

No, this is in real life. It comes from friends that she’s grown up with, friends that she had in college. It come from people who she doesn’t talk to anymore. It happened to her at work the other day with somebody who she doesn’t know.

That’s stupid. It’s funny either way.

I tell people this all the time. I did not marry my wife to have kids. If we ended up having kids but I certainly never when we got together, when we started dating through our courtship, through our marriage, through our first five years, it was not to have to children. We have nieces and nephews and we have friends with kids and we go to birthday parties and we do Christmas stuff with the kids and my wife takes kids to Boo at the Zoo and pumpkin patches and all sorts of like that. She is plugged in on these kids’ life. It’s not that she or I hate children, it’s that we’ve decided that we don’t want our own.

I felt that very same way. My wife and I had to have a serious conversation about our family. We’re going to grow up and I decided that I would love to give it a shot. I knew nothing about it. I sucked at it when we started. When I put down on the island in the middle of our kitchen, when we first had him, I looked at her and go, “What the F do we do now?”

My wife posted about this on Facebook and talked about all the judge-y comments she gets from people who let their kids pee on the floor in the living room and wipe burgers on the wall and stuff like that. She’s like, “As long as your kid isn’t doing a handful of things, you’re not ever going to hear me make fun of you about your decision to have children. As a woman, we have together decided that this isn’t for us.” It is like nobody gets it or at least other women don’t get it.

My aunt and uncle, who my uncle passed away a couple years ago, but my aunt, they decided not to have kids. I have since learned that that was not her choice. That was his. I feel bad now that she’s in her 60s and I’m certainly thankful that she’s way more present in our life and my kid’s life. The fact that she doesn’t have kids allows me to take her as my own. Selfishly, that’s cool. For her, I wish she had, when my uncle passed away, she didn’t have anybody. She had no kids to fall back on. I don’t think anything takes the place of having your kids to fall back on. That’s the only comment I would have on that. As far as being judgmental, it’s from a life experience of a very loved aunt.

I had an aunt like that, a great aunt that was super involved in my life and she didn’t have kids. That was a huge blessing to me.

That’s the opportunity that you guys have to do that and be involved like you are doing. It’s completely unrelated to cigars but we got kids tied into it and everything and you brought up my vacation habits.

I will say that is a huge downside to having a baby. I’ve missed a trip to Honduras, a trip to Nicaragua, several other things that I couldn’t go.

I’ll give you an example of how this works in reverse when you have kids. We were going to take a trip. We wanted to go help Alabama. We were going to do something; some kind of travel trip right after school. My son is wrestling but he’s not really wrestling, but he is playing Lacrosse. It was $630 for Lacrosse. Then I have to get some equipment. In two weeks, we register for football, which is both kids, my daughter cheers, my son plays football. That’s another $700. There’s more. My son starts training with a professional trainer that he’s done for the last four years. He starts that February first, which is another $150 a month.

You’re already talking about the amount that it would cost to get an all-inclusive in the Dominican Republic?

That’s it, right there.

You’re talking about three weeks. The expenses are huge.

$2,000 gone in an instant.

I have parent friends who will tell you that kids are expensive, and I have parent friends who will tell me that they’re not that expensive. It depends on what your kids are into it.

They’re not expensive if you keep them in the house in a fucking cage.

Have a Happy Meal.

CCP 33 | Aladino 1961 Cigar
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Aladino 1961 Cigar: I have parent friends who will tell you that kids are expensive, and I have parent friends who will tell me that they’re not that expensive. It depends on what your kids are into it.

Throw some nuggets at them and call it a day. I like to think I’m pretty active and maybe not as active as some, but a lot more active than a lot. I’m not complaining, it’s that when that time comes to go to Disney, I’ve spent $4,000 on them during the year for sports.

That’s one of the things that we’ve looked at. We’ve got a nephew and he’s two right now, but we’ve been talking about when he’s four or five years old that we take them to Disney World.

That’s a hell of an aunt and uncle.

We got to look in at how much it was going to cost to go to Disney World. It’s the same price is going to Jamaica or the Dominican Republic.

For a family of four to do Disney right and I’m talking staying in the park, stay in a non-bullshit hotel. Not like one of the far away hotel.

We were talking about staying at Port Orleans Resort.

You’re talking Port Orleans, you’ve talking a Grand Floridian, Contemporary, Polynesian Village, all of those, 10G for a family of four, easy.

Just for me and Jen, we were looking at doing the Fast Pass. We were talking about doing that for three or four days and it was going to be $3,500.

We went four years ago, and it was 10G all day.

The thing that Disney’s people are geniuses at is that somehow, they have put it in our minds that everybody’s got to go some point. It’s unbelievable. How did they get to that point? It’s amazing. I told my wife, I’m like, “I would be fine if we never went, but we probably will.”

You can’t miss it. If you live in a middle-class to upper middle-class area, you are pressured as a parent to take those freaking kids to Disney. You’re going to be that kid that doesn’t have the ice cream when the fucking ice cream man come by the house. It’s that bad. “We didn’t go to Disney. My friends all went to Disney.” I’m like, “Okay. I’ll do it.”

I have friends right now who are at Disney World. They have Club Disney where you’re a member or something like that. Two years ago, this is the same couple that went to Playa Mujeres with us last year in Mexico, but two years ago, they went to Disney three times. One of the times, they showed up at their kid’s school to check him out and he didn’t know they were going. They walk into his classroom and they’re like, “Child number one, do you want to go to Disney World?” Then he left. They went and got on a plane.

My son’s twelve, my daughter is nine. We’re getting to that spot. My daughter’s got a couple more years, but my son maybe another year where going to Disney, your mom and dad is not all that cool. I would like to take them one more time before they turned into teenagers.

I’ve been once. I went the summer I turned 10 or the summer when I was 10. I think my wife has been twice.

I’ve got friends that went three times in one year.

I’ve been there five times through the course of my life.

I’ve been there enough. What’s great if you do take your niece or nephew and you go with your kids, especially if they’re old enough to understand it, I don’t have the Winnie the Pooh leather fucking jacket. I’m not one of these Disney Pixar guys.

I thought you got the Winnie the Pooh TAG Heuer watch.

That’s all me. The last day, I said to my son, “We got to go tomorrow, doesn’t it?” Quinn’s bottom lip starts to quiver a little bit. Tears starts, and he goes, “I don’t want to talk about it, dad.” That makes it worth whatever money you spent on it.

That’s how my wife is. The last day, it’s like, “We got to go back to the room and pack.”

It’s a pleasure. I know we didn’t talk all cigars now.

We had no agenda and it was still fun.

It was a fun show. I’ve got some lined up. I don’t know if I’m going to smoke a new one or one that’s been sitting there. I’ve been staring at a Jericho Hill for a while, the Escurio. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

You have a great sampler coming. You sent me a list of what all you’re looking for.

Did you put the one in there that I told you to put in there?

I forgot. I have to do that on the next one. I forgot the surprise one.

I’ll micro-manage you on your care packages. Do you know what’s coming every time?

I give them a list.

Be flexible.

He didn’t have a Mundial and I said, “Throw something in there that you think I’d like. I don’t care.”

Usually, you end up with two or three surprises.

Yeah, normally.

I’ve heard Matt Boot’s name for a year and three months now. I’ve never had a Room 101 cigar. I have to have one.

I’ve heard from manufacturers that we’ve had on all complement those cigars. They’ve got to try one.

I want you to smoke the Perdomo I smoked. I enjoyed it.

Which one was it?

Corona Cameroon.

It’s the one that’s the new old stock. They’re using up the last of that Cameroon that they had, or they rerelease that. That’s what I had last week on the show.

I’ll tell you what I’m going to do this week. I’m going to have one new one and one old one. I have not had the Champagne Noir yet. On Sunday, I’m going to bust that bad dog out and I’m going to have that. I know you’ve been talking about it for a year and I’ve never tried it.

Are we going to have cigar from Habano?

I’ve got one in the humidor that’s supposed to be for my wife but she’s not smoking it.

Let’s do it. Let’s comment on it and talk about it. Take care. Have a great weekend.

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