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Acid Cigars is a cigar brand produced by Drew Estate.  Acid Cigars are positioned in the market as an herbal infused cigar brand.  Characterized by their ingredients such as botanicals, herbs and essential oils, Acid Cigars are not your run of the mill cigar.

Acid cigars are premium hand rolled cigars produced in the Esteli region of Nicaragua.  They are made with premium whole leaf long filler Nicaraguan tobacco.  Jonathan Drew, the founder of Drew Estate, started his company to be a rebirth for cigars and the Acid line is an important part of that mission.

Contrary to popular belief, Acid was not the first line produced by Drew Estate.  La Vieja Habana was produced before the Acid line, but was put on hold after hurricane Mitch damaged the Drew Estate plant in Nicaragua.

Acid Herbal Infusion

Acid cigars are infused cigars so they are very flavorful and always a trip for the taste buds.  Somewhat unique to “flavored” cigars, Acid uses premium long filler tobacco, which gives it the refined qualities associated with the finest cigars on the market.

Acid cigars break the mold in many ways and open the cigar world up to many new smokers.  There are no old stinky grandpa cigars in this brand, every cigar is infused with a taste and aroma that allows you to smoke it and still be accepted in indoor spaces.  If you have not ventured into the world of infused or “flavored” cigars, let Acid be your first.

Acid Flavors

There are four lines within the Acid brand.  The Acid Blue line includes cigars like the Acid Kuba Kuba, the Acid Blondie, the Acid 1400cc, the Acid Kong, the Acid Deep dish and the Acid Wafe.  Known for their mellow sweetness, these blends are mild and aromatic, perfect for the ultimate Acid escape.

The Acid Red line includes the Acid Nasty, the Acid Nefasto, and the Acid Liquid.  These Acid blends are made with black tobaccos and provide an intense fiery Acid smoke.

The Acid Gold line includes blends such as the Acid Atom Maduro, the Acid Cold Infusion and the Acid Earthiness.  These Acid blends are known for their aroma and their unique flavor.

The Acid Purple line includes cigars like the Acid Ming Dynasty, the Acid Extra Ordinary Larry, the Acid Roam, and the Acid C-Notes.  The Acid Purples are the most complex of the Acid brand, and they really bring it.

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