Before we start …

I really prefer the traditional cigars most of the time but when I want a change of pace much like a straight bourbon drinker will order a margarita occasionally. A good way to satisfy that desire is with an infused smoke.

There are several brands of infused cigars on the market, the one I prefer is the Acid brand. They are well constructed, professional packaged, and their tastes (they have many) are more of a sweet distinctive taste in lieu of an artificial peach type taste. They are infused with natural sweeteners and almost all of the different Acid blends have the same underlying taste but again they are all different in their own way.

Manufactured by …

Acid Flavored Cigars
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Acid cigars are the creation of Drew Estate in Nicaragua. Created in 1995, Drew Estate started out having cigars produced for them by Tabacalera Perdomo and had limited success until 1997 when they came out with the La Vieja Habana cigar. The popularity of this cigar encouraged them to start producing their own cigars and the Acid brand is what they introduced in 1999. These cigars became an instant hit and the rest is history. Their goal was to produce a quality cigar with a distinctive taste utilizing natural sweetener combinations and only the best tobaccos. Since developing the Acid line, Drew Estate has come out with the Tabak Especial, a coffee infused cigar which I have not had the opportunity to try.

How do Acid Cigars achieve that taste …?

That, my friends, is right up there with Kentucky Fried Chicken and Coke and far as secrets go. It is known that they blend tobacco mixtures to make the different tastes and the tobacco itself is rumored to be fermented in red wine for several months. The spice taste consists of different combinations of aromatic oils, spices, and scents. To keep the consumers guessing they constantly introduce new infusions each with its own distinctive taste and equally distinctive name.  The Acid line is hand made to ensure quality. You put this all together and you have a cigar that really is like no other. That is what makes the Acid cigar so popular.

An Infusion and size for everyone …

There are 22 different Acid infusions available with names ranging from the Atom to the Nasty to the Wafe. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes with the Kuba Kuba seeming to be the most popular. If you are trying one the first time I suggest you visit your local cigar store and just tell their experts what your tastes are and have them make a suggestion. I would definitely try a couple before I purchased any in large quantity because they are likely different from anything you have tried before. The Acid 1 is the only cigar in their line that is not aromatic.

And the moral of the story is….

If you do want to step outside of the box somewhat and try something different, the Acid is a very good place to start. They make for an interesting change of pace. If you are a new cigar smoker then it would be worth the gamble to see if it’s something that might be a new avenue especially if the traditional premium cigars just aren’t doing anything for you.

One note either way. If you’re going to try infused cigars I recommend just purchasing what you intend to smoke over the next few days and avoid putting them in your humidor with other traditional cigars (or possibly having your own humidor for your infused cigars). Your traditional premium cigars will take on the taste of an infused cigar when they are stored together even if you leave both in their original cellophane.

Infused cigars can be an enjoyable change of pace and the Acid line is one of the best infused cigars. If you haven’t tried one, step out of the norm and give one a try. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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