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Starting out the day with a cigar is always good. The Alec Bradley Black Market Punk is medium-bodied, which is what we’ve come to expect from Alec Bradley. It’s got Panamanian filler with Nicaraguan falafel wrapper. It’s inexpensive at less than $6 but it’s got a little more bite to it. The JFR lines are always good smokes. The JFR Lunatic El Chiquito has a distinct size at 4.75×70. It’s massive but it’s smoking very mildly and the draw is a little too loose. A collaboration by Caldwell, Matt Booth, and AJ Fernandez, The T does all the things that you would expect for a Caldwell collaboration to be. Another cigar coming in is the 24KT Golden Cigar from Daniel Marshall. It comes wrapped with over 50 individual pure 24-karat gold leaves from Italy and costs around $300.

Listen to the podcast here:

24 KT Golden Cigar and The T Collaboration

It’s Lane and Harris here. I’m doing an early morning recording. I’m taking one of my fabled monthly trips to the beach today. I’m going to an old employer’s barbecue. We’re getting together at 9:00 in the morning instead of at noon. I haven’t had coffee. What’s up guys? How’s it going Harris?

It’s the breakfast edition. Going good. I like this early morning recording. It’s different for sure.

I like it on the days that I’m off.

That’s the only way it makes sense.

Think if I were at work I would probably be in a meeting right now or be getting ready for the next meeting or something. Start out the day with a cigar hanging out here. That’s a good start to a day.

Are you heading to the beach?

Yes. When my wife gets off of work, we’re going to load up the back of her Jeep and go. I used to work for the technology company. They resell technology solutions. I manage service offering and stuff like that, Cloud stuff. I worked there for about five years and they do this what used to be a customer and employee appreciation barbecue. It’s over the years evolved into a big marketing event. All their partners show up for it. It’s catered now; it’s all put on by a big event team here in town.

It’s an impressive barbecue. It’s a big party. I’m a customer now. I got promoted to customer when I left. My current company does a lot of business for that company. I try to go every year. I told the guys on both of my teams, “This is probably something that’s worth you guys attending.” Lots of the companies that we already do business with, maybe even not through this particular reseller will likely be there. You get some free beer, you get some free barbecue. I’ll probably hang out in the VIP section, passing out cigars the by the end of the day and it’ll be a fun day and then I go home and load up the jeep and we go to the beach.

Pretty good deal.

How have you been? I feel like we only talk about work lately but what’s it been like a month since we recorded last?

I don’t know, we were all scheduled. Good, we’re staying busy around the stores and busy at home. My son’s playing baseball and he’s six and been a lot of fun.

Is that coach pitch at that point? Is it still tee ball?

It’s crazy that it’s coach pitch. First half of the season, if they missed after three pitches, three pitches they got the tee, make it hit. At spring break they pulled the tee out now they let them strike out. They strike out sometimes, but it’s actually surprising. Almost everybody hits the ball every time. Gone better than I expected for six year olds.

They’re playing in the dirt still?

They are.

They still play in the dirt.

There’s a lot of that.

Good to see that some things never change.

We’re getting into the busy time of the year around the stores with a nicer weather and people getting out and doing more.

There was quite a party going on at Patton Creek out on the patio, a week and a half ago, something that. The last time I was there, there was about some 40 people out here, how does that even happen?

This is the patio weather for sure before it gets too hot. I guess we have another month or two.

I was going to say week or two.

Two months prior to maybe a month.

It’s going to get gross, but right now it’s nice. We had 35 degree morning the other day.

Weather has been back and forth so much. What are you smoking today?

I am smoking Alec Bradley Black Market. They call this one the Punk. It’s a little Corona. It’s 4, 4.5 inches by about 42 ring gauge. It’s medium bodied, you know that kind of what Alec Bradley does. That’s what we’ve come to expect and like about them. It’s got a little more bite to it. The filler Jalapa Nicaraguan. Got a Sumatran binder. Got some dark, natural wrapper. It’s not a Maduro.

It looks one.

Yes, but it’s not. I’m wrong. It’s Panamanian filler and it’s a Nicaraguan Jalapa wrapper. It’s inexpensive. Little size is probably something you can smoke in 30, 45 minutes. Medium bodied, medium plus on the flavor spectrum and they can be had for less than $6.

To me that’s the perfect, like you’re grilling or doing something in the yard where you don’t want to focus on a full blown cigar but that’s a good quicker.

CCP 68 | 24KT Golden Cigar
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24KT Golden Cigar: Medium body is perfect, like you’re grilling or doing something in the yard where you don’t want to focus on a full blown cigar but that’s a good quicker.

It tastes better; the little cigars can get in ten’s and stuff like.

It’s a real cigar.

Cowboy was talking about Patton Creek. I went in there; he’s hanging out on Sunday. He’s going to go do something, along burn contest. He does the long ash stuff, the long burn. He’s got to keep a cigar about this size lit for an hour and a half. He’s working out; can I puff on it every minute and keep it lit? Can I puff on it every two minutes and keep it lit? For the first 45 minutes you can’t drop the ash. After that they don’t care what you do as long as it stays burning, and the last man standing wins stuff. You’re smoking the polar opposite of the cigar I’ve got in my hand.

The sample stash, we had Casa Fernandez, JFR Lunatic El Chiquito. Generally I like a lot of stuff from Casa Fernandez and JFR lines, always good smokes. This one is a 4.75×70. It is a ridiculous looking size.

Aptly be called the chub.

I don’t know if I’ve ever smoked anything this size and normally it’s7x70, 6×70.

We see a lot of the Asylum stuff in the 7×70, that Ogre size and whatever.

Generally, if I were going to purchase this cigar I would never pick this size, but I like recording, trying different sizes. It is so big, it is massive. It’s smoking very mild, which I expected with it being so big. It’s got a wider wrapper on it. The draw to me is a little too loose. It’s probably the way it’s supposed to be.

It’s not like you’re cutting a little hole in the intimate.

I might have been better off to punch it, probably. It was to cut down on airflow, but anyway, it tastes good. It’s off to a good start. It’s definitely a change of pace. It took a little while to get it lit. It was a little bit difficult to light.

Especially with that soft flame torch that I brought in. I brought my lighter. It goes everywhere I go now.

That’s probably my new favorite XIKAR lighter, a very good one.

It’s very thirsty though because the way that it does a soft flame is different. I don’t know if you paid a lot of attention to the element on that thing. It’s got a diffuser or something on it where the fuel comes out in eight different places and break up the torch.

It’s like two lighters in one.

When you hit it, it will suck through some butane fast. I can burn through that entire tank of butane in a day if I’m not careful. That’s why I turned it down when I walked in here. I was like, “No.” I can hear the butane leaving that thing. What’s new coming to the shop lately? I saw that you are leaving your sample pack, have The T, which is a cigar that I look forward to. It’s the collaboration with Matt Booth, Caldwell and AJ Fernandez. They were going to call it The Truth. Apparently there was another cigar named The Truth and they backed off the gas and they shortened it to The T. You pulled up that bag and I was like, “I know what that is.”

We’re expecting those to show up in the store hopefully. They’ve been on a long back order.

I had one when I was out of town on a business trip. I really enjoyed it. It does all the things that you expect a Caldwell collaboration would be. It’s not quite as intense as the first All Out Kings that we had. It’s definitely in that medium plus range but it’s a fun blend. I’ll have to smoke another one before I talk about what I think about the blend. I’m going to smoke at least another one.

I’m trying to think of other ones, the Daniel Marshall 24 Karat Gold Wrap Cigar, which has been a surprisingly good seller. I think we’re almost out. That’s the second box.

That’s what everyone tells me.

It makes the cigar from Daniel Marshall so that would make sense but it’s wrapped in 24 karat gold leaf. You smoke it with that on, and if you look around on the internet, you can Google it. There are pictures of people smoking it and the ash burns gold and I have not seen this in person yet but looks pretty cool on the pictures. I haven’t tried it yet.

I haven’t seen anybody light one yet.

I will say somebody was telling me the other day that someone sat in shopping and burned two in a row.

Who does that? I’m going to spend a couple hours and I’m going to burn, literally set $600 on fire.

I don’t know. I never thought they would do that.

It’s like get over it and Gurkha says all of us are on a budget. You’re not on the same budget. There’s a guy who comes over at Patton Creek a lot in the last a lot of times. What’s a good cigar I can get for $4?” What’s a good cigar you get for$6 and stuff? Every once in a while I start steering him up to something else and he’ll say, “I’ve got a wife, I’ve got kids. I can’t smoke that all the time,” but every once in a while he’ll smoke something a little bit more expensive and you can see this green in his eyes. It’s like, “Just get one cigar. Turn those two cigars you were smoking to one cigar.”

He does smoke a cigar about once a day, and maybe two or three times a day but I don’t think he would be smoking $12, $13 and $15 cigars on a daily basis. If he can get a $5 or $6 cigar, I think that’s what his sense is. I might smoke four cigars on Sunday but I don’t smoke a lot the rest of the week. Those four cigars on Sunday tend to be anywhere from about $8. I don’t remember if I’ve already smoked my Gilberto Oliva or if it’s still out in my Peter James case or I’ve got a T52, I’ve got something else going around in my case. I smoked something out in the golf course the other day, a Blind Man’s Bluff. I think I got thirty cigars left in me.

Someone was asking about a cigar the other day, Gurkha Maharaja, which sounds expensive. It’s the most expensive cigar produced right now.

How much is it a stick?

The suggested retail price is $4,000 a cigar. I actually had a customer. They come in take-out boxes.

$40,000 in that one box of cigar.

Somebody was asking me like, “Can you get those in?” I was like, “I can ask, if they’re available, probably.” I asked and I talked to Gurkha and they said they produce ten boxes for the production of it. Ten boxes, they’ve sold five, they have five left. I told him that, “They have five left and they said they would ship it to us if you want it.

Did you get the box discount?

Yes. I asked him then I was like, “Do you want to do the box? I’m not going to get the boxes if I buy them one at a time.” I don’t know if we’re going to get them or not. He and I are still debating back and forth about this.

I’m doing the retailer math in my head right now going.

Anyway, we don’t want to get stuck with him. It would be cool for him. There are some expensive cigars out there. The Davidoff Oro Blanco is $500 from Davidoff and I think those are fairly available.

We pretty routinely sell even the Royal at$800.

Those have been very steady.

Especially here, especially over at Bettola. They don’t a lot at Patton Creek, but the boxes aren’t full.

People buy this more often than I thought they would.

My fancy cigar is still Garcia. That’s a fantastic smoke.

That is. Those are pretty hard to find. Think we get a couple boxes every four, five months is all they’re allocating.

Save up my rewards points, get them for $10.

That’s a good way. That’s why I tell people what they should do with their points. Buy something you wouldn’t normally buy. Treat yourself, something special.

CCP 68 | 24KT Golden Cigar
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24KT Golden Cigar: Buy something you wouldn’t normally buy. Treat yourself something special.

Somebody came in the other day. Had $200 in rewards points. I was like, “I can have some fun with that.” I said, “If you want a tour guide for how to blow $200 in here on stuff you wouldn’t normally smoke, let’s get.” She held on to them. She owns a cigar shop. Not here, typically she and her boyfriend, tend to come down visit me on Sundays almost every month or two.

I always like visiting other shops. I went up to Old Havana the other day in Gadsden. They had stores in Georgia, Rome and Cartersville also. It’s a cool cigar shop/cigar bar set up. Cool set up. They can fit a ton of people in there and get cigar selection.

Trying to think of what else happened since we recorded last. I went to Masters.

That’s right.

That was a lot of fun. I’ve been to a practice round before but I’d never been on a tournament day.

I’ve never been on a tournament, at the practice.

That was a lot of fun. I saw this wholly unremarkable white girl in the stands in front of me. She’s there with her little sister and probably her husband. She alluded to that they go every year. I’m sitting in the row behind them and I looked down and I see the Masters barbecue sandwich, but it’s on a piece of white bread. How did she do that? My mind finishes processing what I’m looking at. What she’s done is she has taken the pimento cheese half of the pimento cheese sandwich, taking the extra slice of bread off and tossed it.

She took the bear bun off of the barbecue sandwich and she mushed them together into the most incredible $3 sandwich I’ve ever seen in my life. As I’m working it out, I reflex and Alec, the guy that I was with and I said, “That some next level nonsense right there. Do you see what she’s done with that sandwich?” At this point she starts to grin and she turns around and she’s like, “This isn’t my first rodeo.” She’s like, “I do this every year.” That’s $3 right there. That’s the same price as a Miller Lite.

That was interesting. Did you try it?

I did not. I did have pimento cheese and I did have barbecue, but I had done both before that and didn’t go back to it the next thing after that. I had a co-worker working on hole number five. He was a gallery guard. He was doing that. I went up to see him, saw the tee box on six, wandered around for a little while. I can see Tiger and Phil Mickelson, Ian Poulter, Jordan Spieth. I don’t think we ever ran across Patrick Reed’s group, I didn’t get to see the guy who won, but I got to check out most of the golfers I was interested in seeing.

I learned what a marker is. Apparently they have an odd number of players in the tournament. What they do is for that first tee time of the day, they pair that person with a random member. The guy that he ended up playing with was some sort of hedge fund manager or something like that. He’s a member at Augusta National and he got to play during the Masters as a noncompeting participant.

I didn’t know that existed. That’s pretty cool.

If you can be a bazillionaire and be a member of a golf course that discourages you from playing on any given day, there’s a chance that if you’re a good enough golfer, you get paired up with a pro and get to play in the Masters.

I wonder how many guys are members of Augusta that are terrible golfers. I wonder if it’s a requirement, you have to be a good golfer.

I got to sit in the stands nearish Condoleezza Rice at right about the water hazard on 15.I got to see somebody get their ball and then roll back in into the drink. That was one of the things that I wanted to see. I didn’t go to Amen corner this time around. I’ve seen it before and I could’ve gone again. They don’t let you take the camera in. They do let you take cigars. They will not let you take a cigar cutter. I had to check all of $200 in cigar cutters.

You get it back?

I had Saints and Sinners cutter, Palio cutter.

They did allow you to smoke cigars? I’ve been hearing rumors, apparently they’re wrong that they were not allowed during the tournament week.

There are non-smoking areas. You can’t smoke in the stands, you can’t smoke in the restrooms or in the catering tent for feeding people, everywhere else outside you’re good to go.

I guess that’s good news. Good to know.

It’s funny because I get to the security checkpoint and everything and they asked me to open up my case and I opened it up. She says, “You can’t take the cigar cutters in,” so she points me to the direction on a little building where I can check them. I’m a little worried about it. I was like, “One of these cutters I cannot replace.” I could take a Stratosphere, a Forte and an S.T. Dupont lighter in.

It’s interesting I don’t care about lighters.

I still had to cut five or six cigars before I went in and I think I smoked two.

I see a cigar up pulled up into the parking lot. That’s Ken from Gurkha.

It’s like we summoned him. We talked about Gurkha twice.

Other interesting news. We now have a cigar shop Humvee that came from the military.

Yes we do. Where is it?

It’s sitting in my driveway right now because we’re still trying to figure out how to get insurance on it and a tag. Mainly insurance. It has a serial number that’s supposed to count as a bin. It’s not a traditional bin, it’s a six digit military number. Anyway, it’s sitting there until we at least get insurance, but I’ve driven it around a little bit. It feels like you’re driving a tank or what I would guess a tank is like driving. 30 miles an hour it feels like it’s going to take off like a rocket or something. It was funny, I pulled it into the driveway and all the neighborhood kids came swarming from the neighborhood. I drove them around a little bit. Six year olds love a Humvee. It’s pretty cool. It’s camo green and straight off the military base.

I’m trying to remember the story about how this came about because Christian Eiroa gave one away at the trade show last year and that’s one of the things that they’d been doing is they’ve been buying these Humvees and basically converting and restoring them.

CCP 68 | 24KT Golden Cigar
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24KT Golden Cigar: Get a Humvee to use around the cigar shops, put some logos on it, park it out front and get some attention and use it for events and things.

That’s where we got the idea is trade show and CLE raffled one off. I was really sad that we didn’t win it. I was one number, one ticket off of my ticket. I lobbied them very hard to rig the drawing and let us win and they did not do that. Very disappointed, Christian. I started a few weeks before, trying to lobby them on that. Good for them, they didn’t do that. Tried to throw it on a little box but they didn’t bite. Christian has a bought and sold quite a few of these and he has one at home and it’s turned into a hobby for him. He’s been telling me about how much he likes it and having a good time. That’s where the idea came to maybe get one to use around the cigar shops to put some logos on it, park it out front and get some attention and use it for events and things.

Drive it up on one of the islands out there in the parking lot and park it across it.

That’s a good idea. There is one that that would work on. He had been talking for a while and took it three or four months to get here, but he helped us arrange that and help pick out a good one. He says he knows what to look for.

One that burns less oil than the rest of them.

When I was driving I felt like I could watch the gas gauge move.

150 gallons of gas and stick a quarter to it while it ended every time.

It’s a diesel and I was surprised it only holds a little over 20 gallons, which for how bad at gas mileage it gets doesn’t seem pretty much. It runs great. No problems so far with it. It’ll be a lot of fun to mess around with. It has the mid-level; the intake is like windshield level.

The windshield on the Humvee is not low.

The windshield’s right below your chin kind of thing.

You’re hoping to never have to replace those. Tires cost as much as the Honda Civic.

That’s the thing we talked about. I hope it doesn’t blow up. It’s a 1987, 31 years old, 45,000 miles on it, which I don’t know if that’s allowed or not for those. Apparently they rebuild them every five years so nothing on its original. They’ve probably had three, four new motors.

Transmissions probably held on with four bolts.

A guy drove it here on a trailer from Washington State. It took him eight days to get here. Can you see he drive really slow.

I bet even strapped to a trailer, it still blows around.

He pulled up with an Excursion. All seemed very surprising.

How much bigger is the Excursion than the Humvee?

Not much. I’m sure it weighs less or similar. It is cool. It has all kinds of cool features like has these cat eye lights. At night if you were riding around and didn’t want anybody to see you, but you still need lights on it. It’s these little bitty lights that look like cat eyes on the front and back. When you’re in the dark and you turn them on. It looks cool, these little yellow and red lights that I guess if they’re riding through the desert or something.

You can see but it’s not bright like the normal headlight.

They’re really basic, you get in there and there’s an on off switch to turn it on and a parking brake. That’s about it but I’m excited about that. Figure out what to do with it that anybody needs a Humvee. It’s funny when you talk to the State of Alabama; they have no idea what to do with it, for a tag or anything. We’ll try some paperwork through. This cigar, I like the way it tastes. Tastes good. It’s good model, a good flavor. I would like it in a smaller size. I hate this. If you like this size, it would be a great cigar.

It’s taking a while to burn.

It is burning really slow.

You said it started about five inches?


We’ve been here for 40 at this point and 40 minutes in, Harris is two inches of cigar now, far less than that.

We’ve been sitting here for 40 minutes, and then he started 35 minutes ago.

You’re not halfway done with that cigar.

This would burn at least an hour. Maybe an hour and a half. I’ve had to touch it up a little bit. The size is making it burn a little funny but it’s a good cigar.

Burning that slow, it doesn’t look like it’s burning hot or anything like that.

It has burned very cool. That is nice. I like that.

A lot of the time you get those big green gauges and they tend to burn down a lot, especially with a loose draw like that.

I would think it would burn a lot faster with a loose draw.

It is a marvel of engineering.

We had a few guys in the shop asking about this blend, the limited. I’d like to try it in more of like the Toro size to see how meant a little stronger.

See what it’s supposed to be like.

I feel like the big ring gauges a lot of times are a little watered down because of all the extra filler. The filler to wrapper ratio is so high.

CCP 68 | 24KT Golden Cigar
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24KT Golden Cigar: The big ring gauges a lot of times are a little watered down because of all the extra filler. The filler to wrapper ratio is so high.

This seems more potent than I think it would be in a Toro.

That’s the opposite extreme. You get into the smaller ring gauges, your wrapper ratios went higher towards the wrappers. I was reading something about that in the Tobacconist University book, which if you guys haven’t checked out their website is a great resource for anything you could ever want to know about cigars, pipes and accessories, but they had a formula of the ring gauge. If it’s a 70 ring gauge then what the ratio of filler to wrapper is. It was interesting. I don’t have it right in front of me, but it was with either a 60 or 70 ring gauge that has four times the filler of 50 ring gauge cigar. It was a huge difference and that’s why a lot of times they’re a little more watered down. Only one that’s not to me is the Padron1964 No. 4. It’s a 60 ring gauge.

I don’t think I even recognize that Padron made a 60 ring gauge.

The way they blended it, it is not watered down. They put flavorful filler, but they put expensive filler and that’s why it’s also $25 versus this cigar is probably $7 or $8. I may not be able to finish this one.

This will definitely open up the way for me to smoke that T52 there.

Good palate training in the morning.

I didn’t actually eat breakfast. I don’t eat much. I’m probably going to want to have quick barbecue before start partaking in free beer and lighting up anything meatier than this.

What time do they start?

They start at 11:00. It runs until 5:00. I’ll probably go home between 2:00 and 3:00. I’ll be all hung out at that point, go home. Take the cigar shower, you’re ready to get in the car and drive for four hours or ride for four hours. Go to Panama City Beach.

The regular spot?

We’re going to a different place than we normally go but yes, the regular beach.

Same area?

I don’t know. I haven’t talked to her about it. May go and look at a couple places while we’re down there. We drove by a couple the last time we were down. Down payment is beginning to take shape now that taxes are paid. Nice, goodbye money. I hope the IRS enjoys it.

You ever go by PCB Cigar down there? See Peter? Great shop down there.

Peter gives me a discount like I work for him. I’ll open the door and I’m greeted, “Hello, Lane Oden.” “Hi Peter.” The last time I was down there he was down Coast Guard.

He has an incredible selection.


What are your feelings on cilantro? Like eating in salsa and stuff? It’s a serious question.

Do you like cilantro in food?

The reason that I ask is there apparently a segment of the population out there who have a genetic difference of some sort and cilantro instead of tasting like the delicious cilantro that I taste tastes like soap to them. Most of the people who are like, “I hate cilantro, I can’t do it,” it’s because they think that it’s a soap, and so I wasn’t sure.

I wonder if there’s something in the wrapper that triggers that. I feel like I have smoked that and had that thought before. My thought would be, I think that sometimes it’s caused about something influencing my palate but I don’t know. I’m going to basically see if another one takes on.

This is apparently not an unheard of thing. There are internet forums that talk about soapy taste and other people describe it as being a Sprite-like taste. If it tastes like Sprite, I would have no problem.

That’s an interesting cigar.

No one as any good explanation here. Thank you for stumping the cigar dorks.

I’ve run into that occasionally and I’ve never figured out. I think for me it was caused by something outside like environmental-like that I ate or drank. I feel like I have noticed that with Padron Damaso before. I don’t know if that’s specific to that.

I don’t know that I’ve smoked a Damaso before.

Yes. The Connecticut Padron which we love Padron but I think that cigar might have been too far outside of their wheelhouse.

I’m a 64maderoguy.

Most customers that was just too different from what they were looking for from Padron. They get hate mail about that.

The Soberano and the Presidente 64 Maduros, somebody comes in talking about wanting to spend $20 on a gift cigar, that’s what I’m putting in their hands.

It’s a great presentation.

Little lipstick case and everything.

Which always wonder how they got cigars in those? They became really tight.

The Presidente was the number two Cigar of the Year last year. I’ve smoked one and I’m fine with the Soberano instead with it being a little shorter but it’s the same stick.

Your cigar has burned. You got it lit for 50 plus minutes. You’re just now getting to the end. Mine’s burned longer than I expected.

An inch and a half, you know we’re talking.

Still, you haven’t re-lit it. It’s not you can let it go out for ten minutes.

The construction’s a little soft, and the draws good. It is significantly more intense than most of the Black Markets I’ve smoked, for sure. Probably because being a 42 ring gauge there’s more wrapper before.

I feel like I like smoking cigars early like this because something about what you talk about. I can’t believe smoke a cigar early in the morning but to me your palate you haven’t already but eaten a bunch a lot during the day and drank a lot of things. I could taste it better, everything is fresher. This one has been a good morning smoke for me. The big one has been a nice, smooth, milder cigar.

I smoke the Gordo size, the 6×60 and that Caldwell the other day golf course. It seems sweeter than the Toro size was. That was probably a big difference. I’ve smoked a lot of the Toro size.

That’s enough of the size difference. To me the Toro and Churchill or Robusta, jump up a little and ring gauge you notice it more.

More of that cinnamony kind of sweetness and stuff came out for show the other day. It was golf league at work, it’s hysterical because I loudly advertised how bad at golf I was. I haven’t been last place. I’m actually kind of middle of the pack in the golf league.

Are you playing real golf?

We’re playing real golf. When I say that I am fantastically bad at golf, I am playing about double bogey golf. I improved this week over the week before. I shave three strokes off.

You guys play every week?

We play every Tuesday at River chase Country Club. They’re goodly enough to let us do our league for $30 a person and we’ve got a member who basically sponsors it.

Probably a slow day for him.

I get to leave work a little early. Tee times start about 4:00.

 How many players?

We’re trying to have about sixteen a week. We’ve got 24, 28, something like that who are officially in the league, but not everybody’s able to make it every week because work still has to get done. One of the guys that’s been in the group of me, he was in the four’s on the first week and the twosome this week. He did my new hire training when I started work there a little over three years ago. He’s moved on to a different position and everything. It was funny because he remembered me. At the time he was doing training for 80 people once a week. How do you remember that? That’s been fun. I haven’t played golf in about four years before that and when I played once a week before I got down to shooting under 90.

That’s the key. You have to be playing regular.

I got to where I was okay but then I kid around down at Ross Bridge with my dad and that takes all day. I hadn’t played since. I guess now I have an excuse to them. I guess announced what we’re supposed to. I thought about getting a new set of clubs because I’ve got an old set. I’ve got an older set of Mizuno’s that I got when I was a better golfer. The first week it was not great and then this week I was pretty happy with how I was hitting the ball and I was like, “Maybe I don’t need to go get those chunky oversized Callaway’s.

I need to get a new golf bag. It’s a Titleist golf bag that was in my garage and we’re supposed to give away as a cigar show prize that ended up in my garage.

Is it stand bag?

Yes. It’s real white. I had really old one, it was a good upgrade.

My boss’s boss is Georgia alum and he plays in this golf league. The first week I went, I bought my putter used when we started Golfsmith store here in town. It had a University of Georgia grip on it. I’ve got my Bama stand bag and everything so I gave him the heads up and said, “You’re going to give me shit about this. I’m going to go ahead and tell you that I have a Georgia putter in my Alabama bag.” He’s said, “That’s okay, you’re just supporting Kirby, I get.” I got a new grip put on this week. It was $11.

I thought you’re going to say it was his putter somehow made it to you.

My boss’s boss has a really good sense of humor and he is not shy to gleefully pick on people. I knew I needed to get out in front of that.

Yes, preemptively. I mean having to put this one down but it’s looking nice. I’m getting more used to the size.

Mine’s finally just about out.

You’re to the end of it. It burned an hour.

As small as this is, it’s going to burn my finger soon.

It’s going to be getting a little hot.

It was good catching up today.

Yes. Hope you have a good trip to the beach.

Planning to. There aren’t really bad trips to the beach?

I’ll see you next time.

See you next time.


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