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Jose doing what he loves.

Cigar Manufacturer Spotlight – Jose Blanco of Las Cumbres Tabaco

Q & A With Cigar Manufacturer Jose Blanco | Las Cumbres Tabaco   ***Editors Note. The response we have gotten from our Q & A with various cigar industry innovators has been pretty humbling. Although most of the questions we ask are the same, the way in which each person answered them is fascinating. We hope these pieces give our readers a look into the minds of both the old family cigar business as well the new pioneers of the industry. As you read along you may see some … [Read More...]

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Robert Caldwell in "The Spotlight"

Cigar Manufacturer Spotlight | Robert Caldwell of Caldwell Cigars

Q & A With Cigar Manufacturer Robert Caldwell | Caldwell Cigars With all of the stuff out there regarding cigars we thought "What does a real live cigar manufacturer think about the cigar industry, the emerging era of boutique cigars and the cigar lifestyle?" Because it is a lifestyle, it's … [Read More...]

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jericho hill by crowned heads cigars

Jericho Hill OBS by Crowned Heads Cigar Review

"Hello I'm Johnny Cash!" Jericho Hill a Tribute Cigar Size: 4 3/4” x 52 Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Filler: Nicaraguan Binder: Nicaraguan For my second review it looks as though I am keeping it in the family. While this cigar is distributed by Crowned Heads, it is manufactured by for them by … [Read More...]

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8 Interesting Cigar Facts

The cigar is every man's punctuation to success, a status symbol indicating that a man has arrived. So if you are one who has reached this rung in life with a roll of tobacco between your lips, basking in the splendor and richness of cigar smoke, then congratulations! If you are new to this … [Read More...]

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